“Ain’t No Sunshine When Snow’s Gone”

October 30th, 2014


Rain, snow, back to rain, sunshine, rain…  

“Does it snow in Tahoe anymore?” and yes I sadly admit I have said this and questioned this. I have hoped and prayed that the snow gods would answer our calling. How many years can a snow enthusiast wait for snow before battling with the question of where to relocate. I am typically the optimist yet recently I question my resolve.

I have been fortunate to travel the past few years to places which receive the gift of deep snow but nothing compares to shredding your own home.  

“This is how it used to be! You just got it good for the decade you chose to come to Tahoe. Back in my day…”, a frustrating comment from an arrogant old timer. I have a hard time believing this, believing there isn’t something bigger affecting our region, also that the days of driving through a 15ft tall snow tunnel on our way to the mountain could be gone. 2013 is recorded to be the driest year in over 100 years. Here is a quote taken from an enlightening blog, “The Sierra Nevada’s mountain peaks have risen measurably since 2012 as the Earth’s crust rebounds from the net loss of 63 trillion gallons of water—an amount equivalent to the entire annual ice melt of the Greenland Ice Sheet.”  Check this blog out for more technical information:http://www.weatherwest.com/archives/1797

What! Your telling me the Sierra Mountain Range is rising?! Well that’s a positive way to look at the situation, more vertical. In all seriousness I hope things turn around soon, for my optimism is wavering. I have resided in Tahoe for close to half of my life. It’s where I want to continue to explore, grow, possibly have a family of my own and shred here until I am no longer able. Nothing beats getting out on the Lake early in the morning, riding bikes all afternoon and to top it off meet your friends and family at the beach to enjoy the sunset… accept POW. What brought me to Tahoe was my dream of snowboarding everyday, to follow my dream in being a professional snowboarder.  Lake Tahoe called me; the Sierra’s have so much rad terrain out there for our taking. No boarders or boundaries telling when, where and/or how I should ride. My spirit is ready to fly! Staring into a Pray for Snow bonfire just doesn’t cut it for me, my imagination torments along with the endless pow videos on all social network sights, yet I still press play. Resulting in no outlet to express my physical and emotional needs to shred, following this comes the endless questioning of what my purpose is in life.

I am ready and again I will pray to the snow gods to help provide! Provide for our sanity, the economical health of the Tahoe community and most importantly for the health of our Mother Earth. The optimist will continue to rule within me cause that’s who I am, time will only answer my questions.

Tahoe locals will keep charging as we always do so that when the BIG ONE comes, WE WILL BE READY!

Mike Douglas said it best… Oh and my rad boyfriend Josh is in this 😉