Deep Winter Photo Challenge: Whistler

January 20th, 2014

This past week I have been involved in the Deep Winter Photo Challenge. A contest put on by Whistler Mountain. The event consists of 6 invited photographers and they have 72 hours to shoot as many epic shots as possible and create a slide show. The idea is to have a theme and a story to tell.

I had know idea how big this event would be. At the show I soon realized my head would be displayed on four big screens to a sold out crowed of 1,100 viewers. Pretty scary.



I worked with photographer Jason Hummel and a team of 3 other ladies including Liz Daiely, Holly Walker, and Suz Gramm. We all worked extremely well together. Even though we where stressed at times, we managed to keep it together and pull out an impressive show.


Above the clouds

Liz Daiely and I met in Chamonix, France last season. I knew she would be in the states for a short time before she would return to Europe. I reached out to see of there was any possibilities of doing a snowboard project with her and that’s when she introduced me to Jason. Thankfully he thought I would be a good fit for the project and the rest of the story is history.
Liz is an incredibly talented snowboarder. Very graceful along with extreme power. I admire her versatility and dedication to snowboarding and mountain life.

Holly Walker has to be one of the most kind people I have ever met. Holly being the local was able to pull together much of the logistics along with facilitating the execution of much of the project. She also hooked us up with our mountain guide, Alex whom we would have been lost with out. Holly also is of course and fabulous skier who really got some epic shots in the slide show.


Does it get any better?

Suz! So I can’t say enough about this girl, she is absolutely phenomenal. She was so calm and cool through out the entire event. Her skiing talent is among the best I have ever seen. I am a little bias because I have been a huge fan of Suz for many years. Her being one of the only female ski BASE jumpers, I have admired her progression in the sport. Her and I have similar personalities which made it fun to play and mess around even under the pressures of this event. I can’t wait for another adventure with Suz.


The line!

Whistler was amazing! The mountains are huge and the terrain epic! I am sad to head home knowing that it still has not snowed in Lake Tahoe and my boyfriend Josh is still in Europe for another three weeks. I think Kirkwood should do an event similar to this! We have such great terrain and talented photographers!

Lake Tahoe is home and its always nice to get back, who knows maybe the Mtn. Bike trails are clear… I have a strong feeling they are after seeing people post pictures of going to the beach on Face Book.

I hope you enjoy our show! I feel very fortunate to have been part of this project and hope to possibly do it again.

2014 Deep Winter Photo Challenge – 3rd Place Slideshow from Jason Hummel on Vimeo.

The winner this year was the beautiful Zoya Lynch…

She had a very creative theme with awesome photography. It was well thought out and she really connected with the crowed. I am sure many of you will relate to her story. A well deserved win for Zoya!

2014 Deep Winter Photo Challenge – Winning Slideshow from Zoya Lynch on Vimeo.